baby coat bed Baby coat bed

Tragic tale tells of a baby left on a bed who is smothered under coats carelessly dropped by Christmas guests.

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  • That genre of tragic horror legendry includes the following examples: Several years ago there was a story told about this young couple who were going to have their little baby christened on a Sunday morning.

    And on the Saturday evening before the Sunday when the christening was to take place, they decided to invite some of their friends into their home for a party to celebrate the blessed event that would take place in church on the following morning.

    It was a cold wintry day. And as the guests began to arrive, they were greeted by the husband and wife, the parents of the small child who was to be christened. As the couples entered they tossed their coats and scarves on the bed that was adjacent to the living area.

    Everyone arrived at approximately the same time. And in a moment the guests heard a horrifying scream. The mother had gone into the bedroom and discovered that the coats and the scarves had been carelessly thrown on the bed where she had placed the little baby. At least the first one who threw her coat on the bed did not notice that the child was there.


    The others followed her example, and within a matter of minutes the little child was literally smothered at his own party. A wealthy Boston family held a christening party after the baptism of their baby. Guests and friends swarmed into their palatial home.

    Soon the party was in full swing.

    baby coat bed Baby coat bed

    People were having a wonderful time, enjoying one another, eating, drinking, and being merry. In questioning panic, she left the room and rushed into the master bedroom where she had left her baby asleep in the middle of their large bed.

    Guests and friends swarmed into their palatial home. In June , the United States implemented new safety standards requiring all infant beds manufactured and sold in the country to have fixed sides. The contents of the box have changed a good deal over the years, reflecting changing times.

    The mother rushed to them and began to fling them aside as she clawed down to the bottom of the pile. To her horror she found her baby … dead … smothered by the coats of her guests.

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  • Atuatasi had left the baby unsupervised in her apartment to smoke a cigarette in the courtyard, then joined friends in another unit in the complex to have drinks with them. At some point she took a break from partying to fetch the child to the gathering, whom she had placed in a car seat. Somehow, after she and her young son returned home at approximately 4 a. Atuatasi was arrested on a charge of involuntary manslaughter, with prosecutors asserting she either dropped the helpless infant onto the pile upon getting home or kicked him off the bed as she slept.

    Yet the party itself eclipses its subject; in their haste to revel in the joy of the season, the thoughtless partygoers succeed with their pile of coats and casual indifference in putting the snuff on Jesus.

    baby coat bed Baby coat bed

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