baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

Kids , Pregnancy The lovely people at Target teamed with myself for this sponsored post to help me get organised for the imminent arrival of baby Judd the second instalment.

baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

So to navigate this conundrum, I chose a mix of unisex, girl and boy product and styled my nursery in 2 ways so that you can see how they work for both genders.

Now before I get into my list of recommended baby essentials, I need to tell you about the most incredible 10 piece nursery manchester starter kit I came across when in store. It is on trend and features cute stars, spots, stripes and checks on a range of your standard manchester items sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, quilt etc but also gorgeous bunting, 2x cushions, soft blanket, muslin wrap and even matching curtains.

The best part about the manchester starter set is that you can also use the accessories to style up other parts of your nursery as well: So what are my top ten baby essentials from Target: Avent Newborn Starter set here. See in my pics above how I used one on the change table and the other on the stool beside my nursing chair also good for balancing light in a room from a styling point of view.

Great quality and super affordable. See my comments and pictures above.

Apart from cot death, there is also near-miss cot death or apparent life-threatening event ALTE. See my comments and pictures above. We also take it with us when we travel.

Need I say more? So gorgeous and perfect for a boy or girl. See how I styled it in the pics above.

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  • See how I styled in pics above 7. A range of body suits.

    baby cot bed target Baby cot bed target

    They are by far the most practical and comfortable for your baby and to spice it up a bit, choose a range of graphic prints and patterns Lord knows I love a chevron stripe! Head here for a great selection.

    Perfect for a those looking for a simple white cot with the option of a toddler bed down the track. It has a two position base and converts to a sofa-bed once bub outgrows the cot.

    Lamaze My First Library Set here - these are the perfect starter books for newborns as they are soft, bright, textured and produce a range of sounds. Some parents like to pop bub in a bassinet before progressing to a cot. I did this with Oscar and found it worked well particularly as bassinets are more easily portable and you can have it in your own room, in the lounge room or wherever really.

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  • Oscar loves his bamboo towels and they are softer than the usual. Stay tuned to target.

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