lulworth cot bed reviews Lulworth cot bed reviews

We opted for a personal shopper so that we could take advice on choosing some of these larger items. We chose the Lulworth cotbed which we had seen in store, in part, because there was a pull out drawer underneath which we required to save space in the nursery. We specifically enquired about this before purchasing and the personal shopper told us that it came with the cotbed. When we attempted to assemble the item in August a few weeks before our baby was due, we found that the drawer was missing.

I then went into the Bluewater store where we had purchased the items a few days later to find out why the we had not received this and was informed by a member of staff that the drawer was not included with the cotbed and that we could not even purchase the drawer separately as it had been discontinued.

I explained that this was the reason we had purchased the particular item and was told that I should not have been told that it was included when the member of staff i spoke to consulted a senior member of staff. At this time I also enquired about the car seat we had purchased as my husband was considering changing his car and we wanted to be sure that the seat we had bought would be compatible with it.

I had tried to ask about this through the online chat and after waiting 20 minutes to speak with someone I was told this was something they could help with and that i needed to enquire about in store!! The car sear we purchased in June was a Mothercare Boston Combination car seat and at the time of buying the personal shopper had looked up on her ipad and confirmed to us that the seat would be suitable for both my Corsa and my husbands Astra.

The senior member of staff then informed me that we had also been given false information regarding the suitability of car seats as there was no information about whether or not the car seat would fit either of the cars which we had as the seat was made by Joie and they did not even exist in ! They then suggested that another car seat would have the same information about compatibility and so they looked this one up on the ipad and again were unable to tell me if it would be compatible with my husband's car as it was older and no data was held about whether the car seat would be safe in car's of that age.

I said that we had asked at the time of purchase and were assured by the personal shopper that it would be ok and that this was the information we relied upon when buying the item. I was offered no other help and simply told that I should not have been given that information and the only way to find out if it would fit would be to book it into for a fitting at a Mothercare store which offered this service.

The Bluewater does not offer this service. As a result we had to urgently make an appointment at a store which could fit the car seat and were unable to get one until the Saturday before my baby was due on the Monday!! The appointment was made at the Bexleyheath store as this was nearer to my husband's work.

When we arrived we were informed that we should have taken both cars to ensure that the seat was compatible- this was something we had not been told either time by the staff in the Bluewater store nor upon booking the appointment to have the seat fitted in Bexleyheath- and we had only taken my husband's car.

The Boston car seat and none of the other car seats they had in store were compatible with my husband's car. We even resorted to trying the carriers which would only last about 12 months, despite this not being the type of car seat we had wanted or needed as we already have a car seat for 4 years and up and still none of them would fit safely.

The staff informed us that we should not have been advised that any car seat would be compatible as even if the data on the system suggested it would likely fit, this was always subject to fitting in the actual car.

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  • It was also suggested that due to the shape of the seats in my husband's car, it would be likely very hard to find a seat that would fit his car safely! The store manager also refused to give us a refund and insisted that this could only be done by the Bluewater store as it was their error.

    Therefore we could not even get out money back and go elsewhere to find and buy a car seat and we had very little time before baby arrived in any case. This whole experience was extremely distressing and upsetting as we had thought that we had a car seat several months before and now were at a point where my baby could arrive at any moment and we were being told that the car seat we had purchased on the advice of Mothercare staff was not appropriate, and it was unlikely that we would find another suitable one and not the same day.

    I was 9 months pregnant and in floods of tears in the store's car park- something that was completely unnecessary and avoidable if we have been properly advised!!!

    lulworth cot bed reviews Lulworth cot bed reviews

    They suggested we returned on the following day when a very experienced member of staff might be able to advise us better even though they did not have any suitable seats in stock. So on the Sunday we drove back to Bexleyheath when the stored opened and she tried a few seats again, which were not appropriate and suggested a few models which she thought might work and which we could try at another store.

    We then had to drive, with both of our cars, to the Orpington store to try the 2 she suggested!

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  • After 2 hours of trying various seats in both cars we found one which was suitable but required a non-slip seat cover to ensure it was fitted safely. However the store did not have any of these seats in stock! So we then had to drive all the way to Bluewater, with both cars, to exchange the car seats!!

    The whole experience and service we received from Mothercare, the staff at the Bluewater store in particular, was simply terrible!

    The canopy reaches all the way down to the ground at the sides with windows, so nice and light We fitted a camp kitchen, and a washing up stand in one half, with plenty of room to cook, still leaving the other half free. The interest rate typically used to calculate BNPL interest is Storage in a room this small was always going to be a challenge, so we are using the under cot storage tray to keep extra blankets and sheets.

    We spent a significant amount of money in the store and chose the personal shopper experience to ensure we were properly advised and prepared for the arrival of our baby. Not only was it stressful and unnecessary given we had purchased the car seat several months before the baby was due, but it was completely irresponsible to give advice to customers about compatibility of the car seats.

    Mr Clark December This lovely cottage was just as described, and very spacious and well equipped. The Owners Charlie and Lucy are very friendly and welcoming.

    Not only was it wrong, caused additional stress and cost but it could have put the safety of a baby at risk! Mothercare is supposed to be a store and brand which specialises in products for babies and children and yet it cannot be trusted to offer the most basic advice on its own products and in its apparent area of expertise!! The fact that all of this happened a couple of days before our baby arrived made the last few days of my pregnancy extremely stressful and upsetting.

    As this is an essential item required in order to bring a newborn home from hospital and was something we had tried to be conscientious and prepared for well in advance but were severely let down by Mothercare staff's incompetence and the extremely poor customer service we received.

    I have only just been able to take the time to complain as our baby arrived 2 days after this series of events and, as you can imagine, it is a very busy and stressful few months caring for a newborn, but our experience of Mothercare customer service was so poor that I have been left with no choice but to write this complaint and really hope that other customers do not experience the same!

    I made a complaint through the mothercare UK website and I have just received a reply to inform me that nothing will be done regarding my complaint as I should have made this within 30 days!!!

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    The issue occurred 2 days before going into labour and noone informed me of this at the time of my issues when staff at nothing the Bexleyheath and Orpington stores suggested I put forward a complaint! Mothercare again have failed horrendously in their customer service and have zero understanding of their customers and market as it has been impossible to find the time and energy to write my complaint with a crying newborn, recovering myself from labour and adjusting to life as a new parent!!



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