my cot travel bed My cot travel bed

Check price on Amazon The Regalo portable toddler bed is made from a light-weight material which helps to make this portable toddler sleeping area easy to transport, durable, washable and foldable to half its size.

It lifts a few inches off the ground when setting up, providing your child a platform while at the same time preventing them from getting their clothes dirty on the grass and keeping them dry. It is perfect for sleeping, nap times and playing.

The cot comes with a machine-washable fitted sheet and carrying case, so there are no hassles in keeping the cot clean and in excellent condition for several years. Parents like the versatility and portability of the Foocot.

Also, this portable toddler bed comes with a day warranty and has been verified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and American Society for Testing and Materials. A cotton sheet covers the steel frame making it comfortable.

It is made from water-proof nylon and weighs only 4 pounds thus fitting easily in your luggage.

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  • Available in gray, navy and pink. Inflatable portable toddler beds are easier to carry and are likely to fit easily into your luggage. But you would have to inflate or deflate them when setting up or packing, respectively. Folding portable toddler beds are also easier to carry and comfortable for your child to sleep in.

    my cot travel bed My cot travel bed

    Without these measurements, you may suffer a functional, as well as a financial risk if the portable bed is too small for your child. Material These beds are made from rubber, plastic or polyvinyl chloride PVC. However, various parental reviews have shown that PVC-made beds are more comfortable, durable, and are easier to carry around. Comfort and safety Although all beds are manufactured using precautionary measures, some beds may be safer than others.

    Thus choose those that are comfortable as well as safe for your child. Set-up Choose a bed which you can easily manage. Some may find a folding bed more manageable than an inflatable one.

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  • So, the choice is up to you. Conclusion Portable toddler beds are widely available.

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    But it all comes down to buying a reliable one. By going through this list of the top 10 portable toddler beds, you can purchase the best portable toddler bed for your toddler without any problem.

    my cot travel bed My cot travel bed



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