regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

If your child is 1 or you are looking for a travel bed for a 2 year old, then a travel crib may be the best option — these are designed to be more crib like and will do a better job of keeping your kid contained. Once a child is used to sleeping in a toddler bed or single bed at home, however, a fold away toddler bed can be a best option.

A toddler travel bed should suit your child for longer and is usually cheaper and more compact than a travel crib especially if you look for an air mattress for toddlers. If you are considering a travel crib, you can read our full guide here. If you like the idea of a pop up toddler bed — this is a collapsible toddler bed which basically folds away and then pops up again when you pull it out — check out the KidCo Peapod in our travel crib guide. This is quite large and will fit your child throughout their toddler years.

Is your child active? Does he or she need containing in a more rigid setting, e. Types of toddler travel beds There are two main types of toddler travel beds, namely the inflatable toddler bed, and the folding toddler bed.

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  • Shrunks An inflatable toddler bed requires inflation and deflation whenever you put it up and take it back down again which can be a bit of a drag. However they are also more compact and easy to transport around in the first place — these can easily fit into your airplane luggage.

    Comfort-wise, a toddler blow up bed can either be ultra-comfortable, or it can be a little on the unsupportive side, and this is again something which is personal to your child. You can also choose to buy a self inflatable mattress. If you go the self inflatable option, I recommend a kid sized option as these will be far more compact. Folding toddler bed, e. Leachco BumpZZZ The second type of toddler travel bed is the folding variety, and again, there are pros and cons.

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  • Others, such as the Regalo My Cot , require some assembly. Folding beds, particularly ones that just fold out, are bigger, which means fitting them into airplane hand luggage can prove impossible. They are better suited for use around the home and road trips.

    You need something which is easily transportable. Inflatable choices can be good since they are usually more compact.

    Constructed with 16 gauge powder-coated steel poles, sturdy plastic corners and a washable fabric that fits tightly to the corner with minimal gaps. Regalo My Cot When it comes to a parent's number one priority, their child's well-being and health are at the top of the list.

    On the other hand, folding travel beds have a tendency to be larger to transport around. If you are heading off on a road trip, this may not matter — most toddler folding bed options will fit into the trunk of a car so you have more options. Obviously, you also need to assess the size of your child, because they need enough room to be comfortable and there is not much point buying a toddler bed that only just fits your child and needing to buy another one next month.

    Thankfully, most options on the market have a large age range, e. Most toddler air mattress options are quite easy to put up, but you will need to inflate and deflate as you travel. Others, like the Regalo My Cot , require a bit more effort. On the other hand, folding toddler beds give support and are more comfortable overall. Safety Every toddler travel bed on our list meets American safety standards.

    However, there are some which are safer than others. When picking a toddler air bed, make sure you make a choice which inflates easily, and secures safely too. This is dependent on the age of your child, but for younger children, choosing a bed with sides is obviously going to be safer than one without.

    In order to offer a little more support and containment, sides are the way to go for children at the younger end of the scale — as long as there is no type of gap where they can get stuck.

    Looking for portable bed rails for toddlers? The Shrunks Toddler Bed Rail This is actually an inflatable portable bed rail for toddlers meaning it takes up little space and is perfect to travel with.

    This is a great choice for traveling families, particularly ones that like to travel by air. Click here to see the latest prices. BabyHome Side Bed Rail This is a suitable travel bed rail for toddlers because it can dissemble quickly into one third of its usual size. It comes with a travel bag. Top 8 toddler travel bed reviews Below are our toddler travel bed reviews of the top rated travel beds for toddlers available.

    The Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed review The Shrunks toddler bed is a great middle ground choice for those who want something in-between an inflatable bed and a foldable option.

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  • This particular choice can be used as an inflatable mattress for travel, or perhaps to leave at the grandparents. The Shrunks toddler travel bed inflates quickly, which is its major plus point, and the accompanying travel bag also carries the powerful pump, which allows the bed to inflate fast and easily, without leaving you out of breath.

    This is a great cheap option, and one which should last you a good few years for your travels. Click here for more information and the latest prices. Again, the powerful pump which is included in the package has a 1 minute inflation and deflation time, and there is a bag included which carries both. There is also an included repair kit, just in case! The soft and plush mattress gives comfort for your child, and overall this is a very easy option to go with.

    Click here for more reviews and the latest prices.

    regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

    This lightweight cushioned bed with sides means you can easily fold it up for travel, in the accompanying travel bag, and it is easily washed, in case of any spills. The generous size means your little one will be more than comfortable, with the added comfort of those sides for younger children. This is a mid-price range choice, however it can also be used as a cushion when doubled backwards, for extra comfort on the go, or a soft place to play.

    Click here for the latest prices and more reviews. Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed review The Regalo portable toddler bed is a fantastic option for those who want to avoid the inflatable variety of bed.

    The bed is made of steel and plastic, with a reinforced canvas bed liner included, and a washable sheet, to clean up any unfortunate messes.

    Perfect cot portable toddler cot for portable toddler kids furniture and travel beds collection of use of use. Equipped with a convenient, folding design, this travel bed allows you to take bedtime adventure nearly everywhere. Perfect four children that roll around a lot in their sleep.

    AeroBed Mattress for Kids review The Aero toddler bed is a fantastic choice of inflatable toddler travel bed. The bed itself is made of heavy duty PVC, with electronically welded seams, so you can be sure that this bed is going to last you for as long as you need it. There is a thick, fitted mattress pad included, with a washable cover, prettily decorated with moons and stars, for something a little special.

    Click here for the latest prices. Intex Kidz Travel Bed review This is a cheap and cheerful option. This is a great choice of blow up mattress. The included air pump inflates and deflates the mattress quickly and easily, folding up to a very compact size.

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    Comfort is optimum with this choice, and although the price is low, it ticks all the boxes you need it to. The waterproof flocked top comes in a variety of different bright colors, and the detachable and inflatable pillow means extra comfort as standard. There is a repair patch included. It can easily be stored in hand luggage when rolled up compactly. Click here for the latest prices and more information.

    My First Ready Bed review My First Ready Bed is a great choice of portable bed for toddlers, and one which will allow younger children to feel support and safe.

    This is much more like a structured bed, which is great for little ones, and has an integral headboard which gives extra support for your sleeping child. The bedding is removable and washable, and the included pump means the bed is inflated and deflated quickly and easily. There is an included bag to transport the whole thing. This particular choice is suitable for children aged 18 months to 3 years, so if you are looking for a long lasting option this is perhaps not for you.

    For younger children, this is a great way to help them feel settled and snug whilst on the move. Click here to see more.

    regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed Regalo my cot deluxe portable travel bed

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