standard cot bed length Standard cot bed length

Our baby duvets and pillows are filled with Platinum Grade British wool, helping your baby to benefit from all the sleep-enhancing qualities of this natural fibre.

Research has shown that babies settle quicker with wool bedding, cry less during the night, feed better, gain weight faster and are even less cranky throughout the day. All of which adds up to make wool baby bedding the smart investment to help your baby get the sleep they need in those early years.

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  • Why Choose Wool Bedding for Baby? Synthetic bedding often prevents your baby's skin from breathing naturally, making them feel uncomfortable.

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  • However, thanks to wool's natural heat-regulating properties, our range of baby duvets, mattress enhancers and pillows can all help to manage your baby's personal micro-climate in bed. This nursery cot bedding keeps your baby cosy and warm, but also ensures he or she does not overheat.

    Wool filled baby bedding is recommended for babies aged 12 months plus.

    standard cot bed length Standard cot bed length

    For babies under 12 months, our baby grow bags offer the safest sleeping environment. Hypoallergenic Baby Bedding — Allergy UK Approved If you're looking for a hypoallergenic baby bedding option, wool is great at keeping dust mites away.

    In fact, scientific testing has shown that our wool baby bedding is resistant to dust mites, dust mite allergens, mould and fungus — meaning our baby duvets and pillows are the ideal sleeping environment for little ones with allergies or asthma. A deluxe, wool-filled duvet — available in cot and cotbed sizes that make it suitable for 12 months plus.

    standard cot bed length Standard cot bed length

    Keep the mattress clean and baby even comfier. Available in cot and cotbed sizes. Made from organic cotton, in a range of different colours and sizes.

    Easy and quick to fit.

    This is an investment baby cot, no doubt. For any home that is short on space, there are plenty of cot beds with storage options out there. Our SOFT clear windows are vitally important to allow visual access to and from the cot.

    Natural, safe and hypoallergenic, luxury baby bedding from Woolroom gives your baby an unparalleled level of comfort. Browse our range of wool baby bedding for sale and help your baby sleep better.

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