best cot mattress camping Best cot mattress camping
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  • A cot allows you to stay suspended comfortably above the ground without having to pack a whole bed, or air mattress. The Advantage of a Cot Unlike a sleeping mat or an air mattress cots can be used on rocky terrain because they elevate you above the ground. The camp cot is suspended so air passes between you and the ground helping you stay cool in summer by allowing air to flow and warmer in winter by keeping you away from the freezing ground.

    How a Cot is Designed Most of a camping cot design is all about the frame. How you are supported will make a lot of difference in comfort and longevity, as well as how easy the cot is to carry. Aluminum in comparison is still pretty strong but much lighter.

    The pillows and coverings also became more costly and beautiful; the most celebrated places for their manufacture were Miletus , Corinth and Carthage. This gave us a list of 14 electric-pump air mattresses, which we then narrowed down by comparing price, user ratings, the accessibility of their customer service, and the duration of their warranties.

    There are three common styles of leg — vertical legs, military X and C shape legs. If you are using your cot inside a tent make sure that the feet have rubber caps on the end or you risk tearing the tent material or puncturing a hole in it.

    The C shape design is by far the least sturdy and is usually only found on the cheapest cots. After a long day your cot has to be comfortable. The simplest cots are a single layer of nylon or polyester material like a tent and can be cleaned with a simple wipe down.

    Cotton tends to feel softer but it stains and is hard to clean. Mesh fabrics are the coolest because they allow air to flow. Some systems also allow you to adjust the supports and legs to provide additional support. What Features to Look For Avoid camping cots that have cross bars.

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  • As your weight rests it will sink onto these cross bars causing them to dig in. The extra wide cots tend to be the heavy weight steel models and are usually rated for heavier weights as well.

    Most cots will weigh lb if they are aluminum. This increases if they are steel, larger, have extra padding etc. The ultralight cots re only lb but are generally very flimsy and only intended for petite sleepers. The weight also determines how easy the cot is to carry. The smallest cots will pack down to the size of a 1 person tent and only weigh a couple of pounds but tend to sit very low to the ground with a low weight capacity. While some assembly is expected, some are instant and can just snap into place.

    best cot mattress camping Best cot mattress camping

    Others are much like setting up a tent with shock corded poles. Generally a cot should not be any more complicated to set up than an average tent and should take about the same time to do.

    Click here to check out the Chinook Cot on Amazon. This is by far one of the most comfortable cots and it folds up easily. The backrest is adjustable for better support and it can also be brought upright as a chair.

    The fabric is D nylon and it comes in forest green. The upside to this heavy weight is that the cot is very sturdy. This is probably best for car camping as it would be too big and heavy to carry for l ong with a backpack etc. It is rated for up to lb so will work for most adults.

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    The design is one of the most padded around and it even looks more like a recliner when in chair position than a cot.



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