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Cheap Baby Cots Cheap Baby Cots Welcome to our page reviewing the best cheap baby cots around, full of reviews and information to help you to decide which one is best for you and your little one. The Red Kite Sleeptight has been designed to be easy to assemble, making it the perfect choice for holidays, visiting friends and family or for your own home. In fact, its actually purchased for use as a full time cot as much as it is for travel.

The side panels are see-through mesh, giving you an easy view of your child at all times wholst also providing great ventilation. The cot is fully safety tested and includes a mattress and a carry bag. And here are some recent reviews: Needed somewhere for our Grandson to sleep as he was getting too active to put on the bed.

Really simple to put up and down, I purchased an additional mattress so it would be more comfy for really glad I did nothing bad to say about it, looks good when up too and is a nice size.

Very comfortable and plenty of room. He is 18 months old but still plenty of time left before he out grows this. We use extra duvets for comfort as like all travel cots the mattress is a bit thin. He has great nights sleeps with no problems. Can also be used as a play pen during the day.

Very reasonably priced and good quality. Easy to put up and down. The Kinder Valley Compact Cot is crafted from solid pine with a lacquered finish to easily complement any range of nursery colour schemes. Its available in a range of finishes — see below for further details.

The cot was easy to fix together, as it comes flat packed so needs assembling. As healthcare professionals recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first 6 months, this is the ideal solution. Which won't be for a couple of years yet, as he has special needs.

This baby cot has smooth, rounded side rails with fixed side teething rails to protect little teeth and gums. The cot measures H91 x L x W58cm when fully assembled. It is simple to piece together and comes with all necessary tools included.

Also consider if you will be sleeping with someone so you can purchase a double size camping cot to sleep two. The Saplings Kirsty Cot is a stylish and practical addition to your nursery.

Here are some recent reviews: The instructions were clear and it was quite straightforward to assemble, I managed to have it all put together in around 15 minutes. It is also very easy to adjust the level of the base as the baby grows. So cheap and its really good quality! Real wood looks so beautiful! I will highly recommend! The Angelina Cot is a classic and elegant cot bed that will look great in any bedroom.

It is made from solid pine and comes with two protective teething rails. The cot bed has three mattress base heights so it grows with your baby. Once your baby outgrows the cot bed, it will convert into a junior bed, ensuring that you get prolonged use from your purchase.

Looks lovely and its very sturdy. My husband put it together in about 20 mins. This cot is nice and sturdy with a good paint finish. The cot was easy to fix together, as it comes flat packed so needs assembling.

At first we had the sleeping height on the highest setting but now our baby is pulling herself up we have changed the sleeping height, I can honestly say that this job only took ten minutes. The cot does not have a drop side but it does change into a small bed as your child grows. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend this cot — good value for money.

cheap cots Cheap cots

Easy to put together easier with two people and we know this will grow with him, thanks to the ability to lower the levels and remove the bars. The Chicco allows you to sleep safely next to your little one.

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  • This helps you to bond, keep an eye on them, as well as helping to make night time feeding more comfortable. Great for use at home or while away on holiday, this bedside crib is light and easy to transport in its own travel bag. It features a zip down side panel, two fastening straps and six adjustable height positions, allowing you to easily connect it to your bed.

    The incline of the cot can also be adjusted to help congestion during colds or reflux.

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    If needed, the crib can also be moved away from your bed and used as a standard cot. Can be used as crib alone or beside crib with one side unzipped. Height can be adjusted at each side, which is useful if you have a reflux baby as can put on side a little higher so they are on a slight incline.

    Can be used as travel cot. Very happy with it. Baby sleeps soundly and it seems sturdy, well made and safe. Really useful to be able to adjust height at one side for babies with reflux or a cold. Would recommend to any parent. The baby is in their own bed but just in your reach, making night feeds easier and you only need to reach out to reassure your baby. Makes it also safer for both of you. Although the use is limited, I find it a better option than having a moses basket or swinging crib.

    The Saplings Kirsty Cot is a stylish and practical addition to your nursery. It features solid ends in an antique effect finish with an attractive curved top. As a cot it has a choice of three height positions for the mattress base. As your child grows, the cot is simple to convert to a junior bed by removal of the sides and dividing the end panels.

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  • It is suitable from birth to 6 years of age. Three levels to put mattress to match babies progress as they grow. Very sturdy and solid, was so surprised given the excellent price. It was easy to assemble and turned out to be very sturdy with a nice white finish.

    Can be converted into a bed when the wee one gets a bit older as well — I would recommend this to anyone — 5 stars! I am really happy with it. It looks great and is very well made. When it arrived I was so excited that I naughtily opened it when I was in the house on my own and although I am currently 30 weeks pregnant got carried away and I was actually able to put it together all by myself!

    I was so proud of myself because I am not very good with tools but it was honestly easy and the panels were not very heavy.

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